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In situ U-Pb dating performed in metaigneous rocks on zircon crystals showing euhedral morfology and a typical undisturbed oscillatory zoning [69] (Fig.

6) has evidenced a widespread Neoproterozoic-Cambrian bimodal magmatism in an older basement of Calabria-Peloritani Terrane.

In all samples domains dated 564-593 Ma (n=4) showing magmatic oscillatory zoning and high Th/U ratio (0.16-0.19) are present (Fig. These domains show fractionated REE patterns interpreted as formed in absence of garnet considered as Variscan metamorphic phase [7,70].

On this basis a magmatic origin of the zircons indicating the age of protoliths in the time range 564-593 Ma was suggested [17,7].

In fact, voluminous high-K calc-alkaline plutonism characterize the final stages of Panafrican orogeny in Northern margin of the West African Craton as well as in almost all the Cadomian Units along the present Alpine-Mediterranean mountain belts [81,82].

In the period 605–530 Ma, acidic magmatism was diffused at the transition from an active (compressive-transtensive) to a passive (extensional) continental margin with extension and development of foreland basins [83].

Discordia lines with lower intercepts comprised between 562 Ma and 526 Ma have been also calculated considering the discordant data [16].

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Scale bar: 50 μm Zircons from 2 samples of metagabbro and from 2 samples of metabasites interbedded with felsic granulites and migmatitic metapelites of the lower crust of the Serre Massif belonging to Sila Unit were dated [17,7].

In addition Ordovician–Silurian detritic population of zircon occurs in the Mandatoriccio micaschists in Mandatoriccio Complex (sample LL61b2, Table 1).

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