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15-Sep-2019 18:57

Crazy rarities that could push your collection to museum status.There is one question that remains, however: Couldn’t any company make limited versions of their products, funky mistakes, and rarely seen oddities to gain a following of collectors?Some of these are destined to become collectibles, while the others will sell to their respective audiences.The company even takes one day out of the year to produce a few 18K gold versions, which are hand polished and cost over ,000 each.There was the highly collectible Town & Country series produced between 19.

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seven years before people camped outside of Hallmark stores for Beanie Babies—and Zippo’s story of collectibility really begins in 1939, almost a decade after the company was founded.Yet, here we are, some 83 years later, and the Zippo brand continues to thrive. Well, there are a number of reasons—a determined founder, some clever ad placements, war—but one that shouldn’t be overlooked is collectibility, which is something Zippo has catered to—both knowingly and unknowingly—since its earliest days.

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