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23-May-2020 20:48

We also get to see in these dream sequences how Ota alters her style to fit the moment and story, creating this slow transition from her regular style to this parody of the art you find on romance novel covers.Not to mention that her use of expressions and contrasting panels creates a story that can evoke a lot of different emotions at times.And I think we can see half or all of this in both main characters.Penny has always been an outspoken lover of romance novels, especially the ones with the shirtless, bustier-ripping men on the covers.Especially if we look at the scenes where Penny is dreaming, we see Ota’s style really pop in the creature designs and how she melds fantasy and reality.The giant cats take on a fantastical and monstrous look at points that gives this seemingly breezy, slice-of-live comic something new to draw people in.

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Armed with her stash of raunchy romance novels and a cat named Boyfriend, she tries to make the best of her situation.

Hirsch and Ota’s level of experience shows in these areas.