Xkcd bell curve dating

21-Jan-2020 00:23

Yes, the PC-left are doing most of the attacking, but the PC-left is also most of the victims.Non-leftists can occasionally get in trouble if they’re Charles-Murray-level good targets, but generally escape unscathed (Murray’s conservative think tank unsurprisingly continues to support him).But also, see the Seattle Weekly on how the city tried to cover up/muddy the waters on the incriminating data, the St. Louis’ minimum wage is decreasing, Marginal Revolution on potentially relevant evidence from Denmark, Megan Mc Ardle and Noah Smith‘s analyses, and Zvi (1, 2) on some ways the Seattle data don’t really add up.

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Political Regime Type And Warfare: Evidence From 600 Years Of European History.

Milton Friedman on how to change the world; relevant for almost everybody.

Note that most of these were many years ago, so if you have any critiques on my game or my actions, just remember that.… continue reading »

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