Xbox not updating video library

22-Mar-2020 08:23

Whether you use it just to keep up with what your friends have been playing while you're offline, or to stream games from your Xbox to your Windows 10 device, the Xbox Windows 10 app has you covered for these things and a lot more.Please note: An active Xbox Live Gold membership is still required for multiplayer on Xbox One.Customize the look of your profile, your biography, and other details on this page.From here you can also check in on your Activity page, Achievements, Followers & Following and your Captures.In a nice competitive touch, the friend with the higher Gamerscore will celebrate while the other weeps.All of your screenshots and game-clips recorded on your Xbox One are accessible from your Windows 10 device.Check the Achievements Leaderboard to see who among your friends has unlocked the most over the last 30 days, compare scores and find a list of all the games you've ever unlocked an achievement on.

When you sign up for the free Xbox Live Rewards program, you’ll earn Reward Credits for every purchase made in the store.

Here, you can: You can also create posts and share them to your Activity timeline, as well as like, share and comment on your friend's posts.

If you feel like showing off your best self, you can change your profile information by selecting your profile picture on the top of the menu stack.

Selecting a game will take you to a synopsis page of the game, with a button to the store or to Follow the game.

Perform a side by side comparison between you and one friend.

You’re always first in line when you download Xbox One and Xbox 360 games the same day they’re available at retail – all in the comfort and convenience of your home.