Xbmc library not updating updating phone firmware

25-Jun-2020 13:33

xbmc library not updating-79

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I can trigger a manual library update once in a while, trouble is that getting to the "Clean library" menu is a hassle.Ideally I'd like something that scans and cleans up the library every "n" hours. You could do this from your Linux box with cron and a curl command.

I have set up file sharing using smb and the source of my pictures are on a shared folder in my LAN.As the slideshow gets restarted, it’ll show pictures again and again, even if they were shown a couple of seconds before.Shuffle mode helps a bit but some pics are shown more often than others.Something like the following (and totally untested): import xbmc from os import listdir monitor = xbmc.

xbmc library not updating-48

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Monitor() picfolder = "/home/osmc/images" l1 = listdir(picfolder) while not monitor.abort Requested(): if Cond Visibility('Slideshow. = l2: xbmc.executebuiltin('Slide Show(%s)' %(picfolder)) l1 = l2 if For Abort(60): # Abort was requested while waiting for 60 seconds.So it’s restarting the slideshow and showing new pics.