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03-Sep-2020 21:21

As a matter of fact, you could rarely see woman approach a guy and ask for a date. Eliminating Negative Self Talk - Your subconscious mind will often try to do everything within it's power to prevent you from doing what you want by telling you all kinds of nonsense.

Creating Positive Self Talk - What you ask yourself WILL directly affect your self-esteem and confidence therefore increasing your anxiety when faced with approaching a woman.

Women are not the enemy, in most cases men are their own worst enemy when it comes to approaching women.

It is your negative thoughts, anxiety and fear of rejection that stops you from getting the girl you like.

Repeat this several times ad then just go over and talk to her without giving a damn what she thinks about you.

Chances are that she may respond positivel y.oboy, just meet the girl, introduce urself and tell her who ur father is( obj or the late abiola)her that u love her pass ur mother and she will she smiles, then know it she has accepted.please confirm from the girls here, as soon as u say hello to any gal, the tone of the hello will always explain to her why u said hello and whatsoever her response will be will show as soon as you tell her, i love u pass my mother.might that not work for u let me know and i will let u try the option b Allright people listen up, i can clearly see none of you have ever interacted with a girl before lol.

Usually most girls love guys that make them happy so as you talk keep observing her ie how she responses to you how committed her response is, and how focused to you. I suggest you map out ways you can overcome that fear first and get some confidence in yourself.

You must get things in order beforing firing your ultimate weapon so you won’t get rejected. You see, girls like confident guys so if you want to get ahead in your love life, learn toy be confident. Here is a way you can get rid of fear of talking to a woman.

Proper Breathing to Calm Down - If you hyper-ventilate or find it hard to breathe when approaching women, then this part of the book can be of great help to you.

Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Romance / How To Approach A Girl On The First Day? Do not forget your smile,it sure makes the girl comfortable. She will always put up tough to get,its part of it. The nervousness and anxiety can become so bad when trying to "pick up" a pretty girl, that you might actually experience symptoms that are similar to those of a panic attack!

(302550 Views) If U'r Shy To Approach A Girl U Admire, Dis Is Just A Simple Trick. Now let me ask you this, when you are thinking about or are about to approach a beautiful girl that you like.

In the beginning of this section, I gave you some simple facts about women.

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where in the quran does it say dating is haram

I reassured you that most women are just like men, they are not evil rejection machines that are out to embarrass every guy that approaches them.

And if you’re the type that doesn’t care about body odor you look untidy, and grow bushy hairs dang!

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