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I am very willing to spend time with the ex for functions dealing with their daughter (graduation, parties in her honor, etc.) but I think that's where the line should be drawn. I completely understand that you want your first Christmas with your boyfriend to be special. You've been with the man 10 months, and you're talking about marriage.

That said, I wouldn't on anything with regard to his ex-wife or his daughter.

We are happy and our relationship is progressing normally; we are able to talk about everything and work through issues with respect and compassion for each other.

We both feel that we are heading towards being married in the future.

Ideally, plan the activities so that everyone can participate fully.

Though Internet dating is virtual, it gives REAL results.

Generally it’s better to choose activities that rely on luck or strategy.

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The Activities The Race itself often includes challenges such as; eating large amounts of food, eating disgusting foods, counting a large number of items (eg tables in a shopping centre fod court), finding an item/items or people, finding a shop or location, carrying items long distances, assembling a difficult structure.

I like a little time alone with you during the holidays. As she gets older and gets involved in career, relationships, and perhaps marriage and children, she may require even less (if she gets married, she'll probably be expected to spend some of the holidays with her husband's family).

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