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So let’s look more closely at the situation in Asia.In interacting with Asian women in Asia, you should be aware that the social norms differ greatly from those in the West.And any generalizations about two billion women will no doubt lead to useless and harmful caricatures. Physical touch is important to flirting because, generally speaking, you want to have a girl accepting your physical presence and contact as early as possible. [sam id=”4″ codes=”true”] At the risk of greatly oversimplifying, let us say that, for various reasons and in diverse ways, there is a common conservatism in Asian societies and that this Asian social conservatism is in stark contrast to the liberal, hook-up cultures of the “the West,” by which I mean the Americas, Australia, the UK, and Europe.In nightclubs, bars, or lounges, you can often touch more upon meeting. If you are sitting, you can use light taps on the outside of her thigh. High-fives, playful punching or slapping on the shoulder, or pretty much anything you would do with your younger sister is generally acceptable. This is physical contact that you are forced to have because of your environment or activity.

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What is effective in Latin America may get you rejected immediately in some parts of East Asia.Of course, if you are obviously a foreigner, she may make allowances.This is often why foreigners do so well in Asia with the “local” girls who have little experience with “Western” men.For example, a thoroughly Americanized girl, whether she is of Asian descent or not, will expect and be more comfortable with public touching. Side Note: As a rule of thumb and a quick reference, you can often gauge how “Asian” a second-generation immigrant is by how fluent she is in her heritage language.

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This isn’t always the case, and there are other ways of measuring, but this is a good guide.The “local” girls-next-door don’t know how to handle the situation.