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What you normally see in a document is the result of a field.For example, if you insert a DATE field, you see the current date.You probably know in general what a cross-reference is.

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Words Help doesnt define a field switch, but perhaps it will help to think of it as analogous to a railroad switch, which directs a train to one track or another.

The Cross-reference dialog As you can see in Figure 1, the dialog offers two dropdowns: Reference type and Insert reference to.

The reference types offered include Numbered item, Heading, Bookmark, Footnote, Endnote, Equation, Figure, and Table, plus any other caption labels you have defined (My New Caption in Figure 1).

In all versions of Word, you insert a cross-reference using the Cross-reference dialog.

How you get there depends on the version: Figure 1.

For example, the DATE field inserts the current date.