Whos dating madonna

11-Nov-2020 14:47

She is the world's most successful female singer, and one of the most famous people on the planet.As Madonna celebrates her 60th birthday in 2018, here are all the big facts that every fan should know.The Madonna Dating story continued after 2010 with some more young lovers including her former dancer, Brahim Zaibat whom she dated from 2010 to 2013, and then Timor Steffens from 2013 to 2014.Aboubakar Soumahoro was the man she went on to date in 2016, before dumping him for Kevin Sampaio in 2017.The Madonna dating story also tells a lot about her taste in variety.

The Madonna dating timeline stretches back to 1972 when she got into a relationship with Wyn Cooper.She found herself in the arms of a much younger lover, Jesus Luz in 2009 after the end of her marriage. What made their relationship more surprising was that the mother of Luz was only 37 at the time, much younger than Madonna.The Brazilian model was replaced with a slightly older model Adam Senn in 2010.Just 4 years down the line, Madonna and Penn who was said to be hated by many people close to the singer went for a divorce marking the end of their marriage.

One of the things said to have led to the end of the union apart from their similarities was the jealousy of Penn as well as his many legal issues.Even though she has been more popular with men, the Queen of Pop was also linked to a number of women in the past.