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In this disguise, she offers Link advice and assistance throughout the remainder of his quest until revealing her true identity and being captured by Ganondorf.After Link rescues her, Zelda works with him to escape the collapsing castle, guiding him and using her powers to open sealed gates.She is associated with the goddesses Hylia and Nayru, as well as with the Triforce of Wisdom.Most iterations of Zelda also have psionic powers, such as teleportation, telepathy, precognition, and the ability to create or undo barriers and seals.When Link defeats the resurrected Ganon, she and the other six sages are able to seal Ganon away in the Sacred Realm.After this, she sends Link back to his own time, seven years earlier.In several games she is one of the Sages or Champions whose heroism is essential to defeating Ganon; in others, like Ocarina of Time and The Wind Waker, she adopts alternative personas to take a more active role in the story.According to Shigeru Miyamoto, co-creator of The Legend of Zelda series, Princess Zelda's name was inspired by that of Zelda Fitzgerald, an American novelist, dancer, and socialite, as well as the wife of fellow novelist F. Miyamoto explains, "[Fitzgerald] was a famous and beautiful woman from all accounts, and I liked the sound of her name.

In her first appearance in the original The Legend of Zelda (1986), she is kidnapped by Ganon, the series' main antagonist, after she divides the Triforce of Wisdom and hides its pieces across the land.This is the first game showing a relationship between the two, as they can be seen kissing at the end of the game.In A Link to the Past (1991), Zelda is one of seven maidens descended from the seven sages during the Imprisoning War.Just before Link pulls the Master Sword from its pedestal, Ganondorf reveals his wicked intentions and Zelda flees Hyrule Castle with her guardian Impa before he can capture either of them.

Still in hiding seven years later, she poses as a young Sheikah named Sheik.She is eventually rescued by Link, and the two of them reunite the Triforces of Wisdom and Power (the latter reclaimed from Ganon upon his death).