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Sara, simultaneously realizing her own lesbian inclinations, began to feel uncomfortable around the girls in her school and locker room.

Having been a child of the 90s, she looked up to openly bisexual rocker Ani Di Franco and lesbian performers like Melissa Etheridge and k.d. Later on, Tegan (the scamp) read her sister’s diary and learned that she was gay, and the two then “beat the crap out of each other.” Tegan felt excited that her twin sister was also gay, but also worried that others would find out.

She also feared that others would automatically assume that she’d only identified as lesbian because her twin sister had too.

When Sara began bringing her first girlfriend around, her mother eventually asked if they were dating.

Tegan: Oh, so because they're not expensive, their life is worth nothing?

Maybe this puts them at odds with some fans, but as Sara contends, there are few feelings more relatable than following your own heart.2016 marks not just the release of Tegan and Sara’s eighth album, Love You to Death, but their 20th year as a band.

In 1997, they used their school's recording studio to record two demo albums: Who's in Your Band? In 1998, they won Calgary's "Garage Warz" competition, using the studio time they won to record their first professional demo, Yellow tape, which was followed by Orange tape and Red tape.

Tegan and Sara are active politically and socially engaged.

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Like, it looks awful, I mean, you're cringing in them," and the girl was like, "I got food poisoning the night before and I was up just getting sick all night and I was in so much pain and I got to the shoot and I was dehydrated and tired and I went to the hospital right afterwards," and Tyra was like--It was like a close up on her face all the sudden and she was all like, "You know, I had"--I can't remember what it was, some sort of disorder, some sort of thing--"and I was in incredible pain and I was cramping and blah blah blah blah blah"--you know, she's doing this whole thing and listing all the characteristics, all the symptoms of her disease, and she goes, "But you just model through it." And I was like, "Oh my god, that's fucking genius.

They grew up preferring boys' toys and clothing, and their parents - who had to bribe them to wear dresses in family photos - thought it was just a phase.