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Once they arrived in Nice, they had to make their way down the coastline to Saint-Tropez."Friends and Indy Car Drivers" Alex Rossi and Conor Daly were on their heels at AM, followed by "Retired Professional Skiers and Friends" Kristi Leskinen and Jen Hudak at AM.In third place was Cody and Jessica, followed by Trevor and Chris, Joey and Tim, Lucas and Brittany, Henry and Evan, Cedric and Shawn, and Eric and Daniel.The teams then made their way to Place Des Lices, which would host the season's second "Head-to-Head Competition" and also serve as the leg's Pit Stop.They had a reversal of fate in the second leg, finishing second. Three words to describe you: Competitive, stubborn to a degree, and loyal. Cedric & Shawn arrived in 8th place, but were given a 30 minute penalty as a result of Cedric unwittingly giving Shawn advice at the Roadblock.However, in the third and fourth legs of the race, Cedric participated in the Roadblock challenges but his age took its toll on him. Favorite hobbies: Spending time with my son and family, traveling, and shopping. Being a father and provider for my family and a champion!! Eric & Daniel checked in during this time, dropping them down to 9th.The task was not an easy one, as most of the Racers struggled, including Cody.

The winning team could check into the Pit Stop, while the losing team would have to stay behind and wait for their next challenger.

Alex and Conor admitted that paying attention to detail was not a strength for their team and they had to stop overlooking instructions.