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27-Sep-2020 03:13

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Valuing public service above your personal life is nothing new.But it’s ironic and disgusting coming from this man and this administration.Trump is an immature abuser, so of course he would look to someone else to blame and he sees women as easy targets.Trump was reportedly angry she would put her romantic relationship before protecting the administration.“Make America great again” may be Trump’s official slogan but “Grab ‘em by the pussy” defines him.It’s no surprise that the two women carrying his message display a similar cruel indifference to victims of abuse.He is a friend, a confidant and a trusted professional.I am proud to serve alongside him.” This adulatory statement from a man who, according to a statement he released later that evening, only got to know Porter since he (Kelly) became Chief of Staff, is the epitome of what the #Me Too movement is trying to change.

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Anyone who thinks being a woman automatically imbues you with sympathy for the sisterhood hasn’t met the women in the Trump administration.That is, directing sympathy for those accused of doing the abuse, not the abused. She’s under fire from inside and outside the administration for not distancing herself from the Porter scandal.This is the first time she’s found herself centered in a story bigger than her fashion choices, and she put herself there.She put herself in the middle of the story to aid a man accused—with overwhelming evidence—of domestic violence.

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Trump, always looking for someone to blame, blamed Hicks.Her statement sounds like Trump’s response to the Neo-Nazi attacks in Charlottesville, that there were “fine people on both sides.” Then there is Hope Hicks, charged with of crafting the message that Sanders delivers.