Who is rhian ramos dating now

18-Oct-2020 04:40

Rhian walked away from the competition with a major award.She is currently in a starring role in the TV series , where she plays a man trapped in a woman’s body after being transformed by a curse.Sometimes, even if you go through something difficult or as weird as a breakup, person (and the person is really worth it).

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Rhian and Marc also follow the same diet and workout program.Does she get a kick out of car racing more than acting?The actress beams, “I do get an adrenaline rush out of acting, especially when I’m in a scene trying to pull off an experience I’ve never gone through before—but, the minute I finish the scene, I’m back dealing with the less appealing side of show biz.I don’t have to worry about impressing people I don’t know.

Hair-curling skills “And, I like the fact that it’s the opposite of what the public expects from me. In racing, you sweat a lot—and none of the hair-curling skills in the world can save you (laughs)!Her rapid rise to fame did not go unnoticed among other people in showbiz.