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Which is basically ripping off Pantera, who are gods, and not giving Pantera credit for the inspiration for all of these bands. And that’s a lot of fun because that liberates me as a composer to write whatever I want musically and vocally.Otep Shamaya's Estimated Net Worth, Age, Biography, Career, Height, Weight, Family, Wiki.She has also said that art is her god and music is her religion. But she claims that her official "religion" is Taoism. Otep Shamaya has: Played herself in "Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry" in 2002.

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Then you have bands like Slipknot who’ve got these really groovy grind beats and then suddenly they have a break for their DJ and drum and bass, and it was just really exciting.Otep Shamaya is included in the list of 38 years old famous Metal Singer.Parents: Otep Shamaya's father name is not available & mother's name unknown.And then when I discovered writing it became much more intriguing and fascinating to me, I could do more with words than what I could do with drawing. So I thought I was either going to be a struggling street artist or a struggling poet, or something in that world. So I told my friend that was with me, I said, “Well, I could do that” and he’s like, “You don’t have a band or any songs.” And I said, “Well that doesn’t matter, I’m gonna make it happen and you’ll see me on this stage next year.” I got home and I got to work and I found some people that wanted to make some music and I wrote some songs and by that next year we were on that stage, and that stage was Ozzfest.

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AE: How do you find the climate of the nu metal scene and how has it evolved since you’ve been making music?Fifteen years later, the band is still touring hard and tackling the challenges of the ever evolving musical landscape.