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Earlier this week, I took a look at the new fantasy football startup Sleeper, and now there is more fantasy-football-related news.With the NFL regular season set to begin in a couple weeks, Stat Muse is introducing a new feature to their app that will include ESPN’s Matthew Berry answering users’ fantasy football questions, to assist with their fantasy drafts, as well as their team’s performance throughout the NFL Season.  You might wonder how Berry and Stat Muse could be partnering.  Their relationship dates back to 2015, when Stat Muse was accepted into Disney’s accelerator when the company was just nine months old.If you're even a semi-regular listener to the Fantasy Focus Football Podcast, aka the 06010, you are likely aware that Matthew Berry and Field Yates occasionally will disagree on a player's fantasy output, whether it's for the season or a specific week during the NFL season.With a nod to faithful listener and board bet historian, Nick Scott, who created the original 06010 board site, we've decided to give you a place to check the tally board throughout the season right here on the pages of Even in a life that has been a string of "I can't believe this is happening" moments, this one is the ultimate. I've written before about my younger brother Jonathan, by far the smartest Berry boy and someone who, because life is unfair, has a thick and luxurious head of hair. Currently a sprawling collection of 23 feature films, along with a number of TV shows, it is a massive critical and commercial success. "Avengers: Infinity War" hadn't even come out yet, so I had to wait two years until "Endgame" would come out -- and I had to keep it a secret, of course. So tons of people were reaching out on social media, and I couldn't even say anything. I appreciated all my friends and colleagues who reached out, either privately or publicly to say something. And then, eventually, I was allowed to share some of the behind-the-scenes stuff we shot as well.

Once there is a winner, we will add that, and change the "leaderboard" below. NOTE: PPR scoring is assumed unless otherwise noted If you're into the history of board bets on the podcast, dating back (ding!

Disney then participated in the Series A funding round by the company last year,  which raised million to continue building out its offerings.

When the company started, its’ focus was providing graphs and charts in response to users’ typed questions, but after the funding, the startup began to shift to voice apps and artificial intelligence (AI) use cases.

Stat Muse was the second company accepted into the player association’s accelerator, a program designed with the goal of helping smaller startups gain access to player licensing rights in return for equity.

This participation has undoubtedly aided Stat Muse in its efforts to break into the fantasy football space and to penetrate a market that has typically been dominated by industry giants such as ESPN and Yahoo Sports.You might wonder how Berry and Stat Muse could be partnering.