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Since then, the couple has been together hitting newer heights in their union every passing day.

The married couple is just two years away from touching the three decades of married life.

Mason and her husband moved to New York in order to pursue this passion.

No, Lisa Robertson is still a host at QVC and currently hosts PM Style on Monday Nights and has been the primary host of Friday Night Beauty since the Spring of 2011.

The answer is spilled all across the beautiful anchor's wall!

While it looks to the outside world that Jean is now leading a fabulous life with little hardship and struggle, it did not come like a flying kite to her.

Lisa Mason left QVC in order to pursue a news broadcasting career.

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Behind the cameras, she has a beautiful life with husband and daughters that her followers might not know about.

Her feed is littered with time spent well with her daughters and her adorable captions about how lucky she has been to have her daughters.

And it's not just Jane who is quick to show about her love and affection to her kins as her daughters also reciprocate their feeling to their mother.

And celebrating her marriage, she Instagrammed an adorable picture with her husband wishing him on their 28th wedding anniversary in November 2017.

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Jane Treacy and her husband celebrate their 28th wedding anniversary The couple is the parents to two beautiful daughters Cara and Deirdre.

In 2012, Lisa had her own show The Lisa Robertson Show.