Who is leonardo dicaprio dating august 2016

26-Oct-2019 16:14

Phillips may have come from a showbiz family, but it was Leonardo Di Caprio who connected her to the director that would cast her in her first film, came to an end, but if the rumors are true, then at least Leo Di Caprio noticed her.During what must have been an off period with Gisele, Leo was linked with one of the first reality stars to make waves with the public.Bijou Phillips in the 1990s wasn’t exactly the type of leggy blonde model that Leo would prefer in his later years.However, it seems their relationship, no matter how short it may have been, proved advantageous.Of course, given Leo’s relationship status at the time, we only have Trishelle’s word to go off of.Back in the late 1990s, Leo was captured in several photos with Kidada Jones.

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, it’s hard to say if something more is just being hidden from the public.From the moment things began to heat up between Leo and Blake, he would discover that she was not very much like the other girls he had been dating.