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He said: “In my mind she's still my 6-year-old little girl, that's how I remember her.” John, who also lost his oldest daughter in a car accident four years before Jon Benet died, has re-married following the death of Patsy to cancer.

Despite the multiple tragedies in his life, the dedicated family man remains upbeat.

John said: “I figure Patsy knew that from whatever vantage point she had in heaven,' says John about his wife not being there for the news.

“And my mind frame was, OK, let's get on with finding the killer.” After her death the family were immediately thought of as suspects by police, but Jon Benét’s parents and brother Burke were cleared in 2008 by DNA evidence.

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Her father John has released never-before-seen pictures of his daughter in a new TV show about the case which has never been solved.

Conspiracy theorists are always looking for that little inconsistency, like Elvis’ middle name being spelled incorrectly on his headstone, to indicate that there is something not quite right with a suspicious death. Phil did a three-part interview with Burke Ramsey, and in the third installment next week, he sits down with John Bennett Ramsey, father of Jon Benet Ramsey, to ask some additional questions, according to In the preview for the Monday interview, Dr. Phil asks John Ramsey that it looks suspicious that Jon Benet was put to bed by her parents late on the night of December 25, and found dead on the 26th, yet the family put December 25 on her headstone as the day of death. Phil asks John Ramsey why.“It looks like you put December 25th on the headstone because you knew with certainty that she actually died on December 25th.” in particular has a section that is called “Jon Benet’s Grave Gives Clues.” Various people weighed in to wonder why the Ramseys would put the 25th on her headstone.“Apologies if this has been discussed a lot, but I’d love to discuss this.

Phil Mc Graw has John Ramsey recall events in a timeline, including the fact that it was John Ramsey that found Jon Benet’s body in the basement.“I was just hoping she would wake up and began to realize that she wasn’t going to, and I started to scream.”But she didn’t, as she was dead with duct tape across her mouth, wrapped in a blanket. I read that Jonbenet’s parents had her grave inscribed with her date of death being 25th Dec. Surely with John claiming they found her in the morning of26th, it (in a way?

CBS' show The Case of: Jon Benét Ramsey showed famed forensic investigator Werner Spitz suggest Burke killed Jon Benét with a flashlight.

He suggested the six-year-old took a slice of fruit from Burke's late-night snack - prompting him to lash out with the nearby torch.And behavioural experts – who earlier suggested Burke could have killed his sister in a pique or rage after she nicked some of his midnight snack – said he had mental issues around the time.