Who is john frusciante dating

28-Jan-2020 14:57

On one of their first nights together Frusciante played her Genesis's (1972) on vinyl: — Listening to it, I had a vision about us as long ago sibling twins, so I reckon it was all there in the first moments.

That song is a good representation of our feelings and dreams at that time, especially from a cosmic point of view.

It was like looking into the face of someone and seeing yourself.

I think that was a huge thing for both of us as it gave us the sense that we weren't alone anymore.

This is the kind of artist Frusciante was, although on the stage he was mostly seen as a young, wild, technical virtuoso.

The couple began to wear each other's clothes and live in a kind of symbiosis.

(1991) ended up selling 13 million copies, and most of its best known music was by Frusciante.

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It's like reading someone droning on and on about their pet cat.

I didn't contact Frusciante himself, because he doesn't generally give interviews, and anyway, I'm too much of a fan.