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Despite Malcolm not being the lead character in the first movie - that was something left for Sam Neill's Alan Grant - he was still an instant hit with fans, becoming a firm favourite and sizzling in a shirtless scene that's gone down in cinematic history.

Those behind-the-scenes however weren't always convinced he should be around.

That's actually pretty likely, as Goldblum confirmed in previous months that he'd only be in a small part of the film.

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When Owen (Chris Pratt) and Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) decide to go back to Isla Nubar following news that the dormant volcano on the island is to erupt and wipe out the prehistoric creatures once more, chaos of course ensues.

Though the iconic doctor will likely clash with the two, we know they'll be successful in gaining permission to go back to the island, so will that be the end of Malcolm's role in the movie?

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This led to a string of other lead roles including 1986's 'The Fly' with Geena Davis, 1988's 'Earth Girls Are Easy' with Jim Carrey and 'Vibes' with Cyndi Lauper, and 1989's 'The Tall Guy' alongside Rowan Atkinson.

His parents are Shirley, a radio broadcaster, and Harold Goldblum, a doctor.