Who is jayne torvill dating

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It was one of the most popular achievements in the history of British sport, watched by a British television audience of 24 million people.

Torvill and Dean turned professional after their 1984 Olympic win and under then existing Olympic Committee rules their professional status made them ineligible to compete in the Olympics again.

Torvill and Dean's free programme at the 1984 Sarajevo Winter Olympics, performed to the music of Maurice Ravel's Boléro, became world-famous.

They received twelve perfect 6.0 marks, one of five occasions they were awarded all perfect scores for artistic impression.

The opening of the number was most unusual, consisting of an immensely tall Jayne Skating on in a large voluminous cloak and sending the globe/sphere into orbit.

Chris was in fact concealed within the cloak, lifting Jayne throughout the opening sequence, to then be revealed as the dance begins.

The piece was choreographed jointly between Jayne and Chris together with Graeme Murphy, Artistic Director with the Sydney Dance Company at the time.Encounter runs at over six minutes and was for Torvill and Dean their most enduring professional performance, winning them the World Professional Championships in 1984 and known to be used as performance piece until 1987.They resurrected the piece in 1994 to win at the World Team Championships.It is last known to have been performed at Wembley for the Face the Music World Tour filmed in June 1995.

The theme of the piece involves two people who walk past reach other in the street, notice each other, do a double take, and instantly fall in love.After parting from Hutchenson, Torvill continued to skate on her own for a while before teaming up with Dean in 1975.