Who is ed westwick dating now

07-Aug-2020 11:36

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She’s not married, but she’s been connected to several different men romantically over the last couple of years. News reported that she was dating Scotty Mc Knight, and as of 2017 they were still reported to be together. News at the time, and had been dating for a couple months.Mc Knight is a former New York Jets wide receiver, and the two shared photos on Instagram when they went public with their relationship.And to grow up on the show and to go through that together, you know you're going to have a very strong bond.

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He played a rendition of “Luck Be a Lady,” which he said Szohr asked him to do for her mom’s birthday.Everybody knows how much my character is in love with Blair and how much Blair is in love with Chuck but is she in love with him enough to, you know, what decision will she make?