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At the end of his military service, the talented youngster returned to his passion as he enrolled at London’s Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA). Interestingly, his role as a Russian agent, Illya Kuryakin was initially intended to be a minor one, however, the prolific actor easily endeared himself to the audience. Having gained international superstar status, David Mc Callum got acting jobs in the United States and also in different parts of Europe. David Mc Callum’s acting career spans well over 7 decades and also cuts across different continents even though he has not starred in too many blockbuster movies.

He began getting minor roles in British films in the mid-1950s after getting signed to Rank Organisation, a British film company. His enigmatic persona as Illya Kuryakin coupled with an impeccable on-screen chemistry with the lead actor caused the producers to elevate his role to that of a co-lead. However, none could replicate the success of The Man from U. However, whatever Mc Callum missed out from the box-office hits, he adequately makes up for with his brilliant career on TV.

In recent years, Mc Callum has gained renewed international recognition and popularity for his role as NCIS medical examiner Dr.

Early in the Second World War, he was evacuated back to Scotland, where he lived with his mother at Gartocharn by Loch Lomond.

David Mc Callum became a household name in Hollywood following his lead role in the spy-fiction series The Man from U. The duo met in the mid-1960s during a magazine shoot in New York. They have 2 children together; son Peter and daughter Sophie.

Prior to his current union, David Mc Callum was married to English actress and singer Jill Ireland.

was born on September 19, 1933, in Maryhill, Glasgow, Scotland.

His parents – Dorothy Dorman and David Mc Callum Sr. The family relocated to London after his father landed a job as a concert director at the London Philharmonic Orchestra. studied at University College School in Hampstead, North-West London where he began his amateur career in music and drama.

“It was an extremely difficult time, not least because we had three children,” said Mc Callum.