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And private insurance covers 120 percent, so if you start underpaying all the healthcare providers, you're going to create a two tier market where wealthy people buy their healthcare with cash, and the people who are forced -- like my dad, the union electrician -- TAPPER: Thank you Congressman.DELANEY: Will have that healthcare plan taken away from him -- TAPPER: Thank you Congressman -- DELANEY: They will be forced into an underfunded system.

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SANDERS: Hospitals will be better off than they are today. RYAN: But you don't know that -- you don't know that, Bernie.SANDERS: Second of all -- TAPPER: I'll come to you in a second, Congressman. And second of all, second of all -- many of our union brothers and sisters, nobody more pro-union than me up here, are now paying high deductibles and copayments when we do Medicare for all, instead of having the company putting money in to healthcare, they can get decent wage increases, which they're not getting today.What we are taking on is the fact that over the last 20 years the drug companies and the insurance companies have spent .5 billion of your health insurance money on lobbying and campaign contributions.

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That is why when I went to Canada the other day, people paid one-tenth the price in Canada for insulin that they're paying in the United States -- TAPPER: Thank you Senator.RYAN: In their healthcare cost, let businesses buy-in, Jake -- TAPPER: Thank you Congressman. If Medicare for all is enacted, there are more than 600,000 union members here in Michigan who would be forced to give up their private healthcare plans.

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