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Her hair started going grey when she was in her 30s and Dickinson decided to go with it. The one part of Dickinson’s narrative that seems false, is real.“You say, ‘Oh, I’ll go for a beer tonight, I’ll go down to the lounge,’ and the next thing you know you’re talking to a quiet sweetheart that’s the same as you are –that’s why I can’t get mad at Tiger. I – you know, if you’re put in that position that you’re a god – he didn’t want that, but he got it. I don’t think my marriage would survive with the amount of travel I do.” […] “Celebrity status changes your whole life,” he says.“Absolutely changes it.” If you find it odd to hear Treliving empathize with the world’s most notorious adulterer, you probably have watched the CBC show through which Canada learned his name. And it’s not easy.” Yet the reality television version of Treliving is, in some ways, distant from reality.“There was nothing left to mortgage,” so Dickinson went to the printer and arranged to pay their bill month by month. It felt good that we didn’t walk away from the debt.” […] She’s particularly interested in Dallaire’s Child Soldiers Initiative and spent three hours with him in Vancouver discussing the non-profit agency, which wants to prevent the recruitment of child soldiers.It took six months but taught her a valuable lesson. Because it involves children, it is a natural fit for her, she says. If I hadn’t got divorced, that’s what I would be today.” […] But she has no intention of getting rid of that Cruella De Vil streak – her trademark that prompts daily questions about its origin.Just to the other dragons.” When he calls Kevin O’Leary a “moronic outlier of capitalism,” he says he intends it in a friendly, spirited way. “Anyone who saw us at the Olympics would know that we spend time together.” Read into that what you will. Brett Wilson is still thinking about how much he wants the world to know.There is more interesting territory to explore, deeper crevices.

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Note: The included excerpts (in the order they were published in Tor Star) are meant to give us sides of the dragons that we don’t usually see on the TV shows. In late October, 1999, the toymaker announced that the Learning Company division incurred an after-tax loss of about 5 million in the third quarter as opposed to what had been a projected profit of million.

“It’s such an arrogant perspective.” One memory: he’s working for MYW out of Calgary. “Then when I started my own business, each hour I wasn’t working was an expensive hour.” His marriage started to teeter.

“The worse my marriage was the more time I spent at the office. It’s Brett and Kevin and Robert and Jim and Arlene. On a side table in the living room there’s a framed pen and ink etching of a fire-breathing dragon.

O’Leary calls Barad “the best marketer I ever met.” O’Leary didn’t make the three years.

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In November, a month after the earnings release, he was fired.

“Someone may have been reading it,” he says, tossing yet another emotional breadcrumb in the interviewer’s path. So First Energy was established in 1993 as an investment dealer catering exclusively to the energy sector. Or we could talk about the price he paid in making it.

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