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25-Jul-2020 21:25

Remember that whole fake “non-traditional marriage” fiasco when she claimed to have had some sort of spiritual union with her daughter’s father, Robert Smith?Most people assumed it was to protect her innocent image at the time, now she may have been doing just the opposite to boost ratings for her reality show.The two adults play the role of mum and dad to all the kids associated with them.Brandi has been quite frugal with information about her educational background, and she has also not revealed much about what life was really like for her as a kid beyond the way the public chose to see her.He didn’t have it any better here as, after 10 years in 2005, his second marriage to Mary Shackelford ran out of vital marital juice.He divorced her too in a heavily fought million suit for ‘soul’s damage’ which was filled by Mary as compensations for the innumerable losses she encountered while married to Mr Steve.We can also assume somebody has been lying, and it’s not her friends.If Brandy is being a little sketchy about this relationship it wouldn’t be the first time.

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She was even linked to Flo Rida in mid 2010 and said that “he’s somebody in my life, and I’m definitely interested.” We could let that go with a technicality and assume her and Laz Jr.’s relationship is coming close to a two-year anniversary and her friends just like to round up, but that would mean she had to jump straight from Flo to Ryan.Steve and Marcia Harvey were married from 1980 to 1994 when the love between them gradually waned and ultimately resulted in a divorce between the two.The usual reason cited was ‘irreconcilable differences’.Brandi Harvey’s marital status has been the keyword of many web searches.

She has been very silent about this on the personal front with no information flying around about where loved has pitched a tent with her.Not much detailed information can be found about her academic progression in the celebrity buzz niche, but from the information we lifted from her Linked In profile, she included that she went to Ohio State University where she obtained a Bachelor of Art in African America and African Studies from 2002-2005.