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05-Jul-2020 00:06

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I've had a cold the last few days and have been bundled up at home watching QVC obsessively. By the way, I feel an almost overwhelming compulsion to buy a Lee Sands Eelskin wallet and some Susan Graver fashions. I bought skin care products, a steam mop, and became hypnotized by Chaz Dean, his eyeliner and his Wen (imagine my surprise when he showed up on Flipping Out this year).

The fat women are going to love him, but he gets on my nerves. Lisa Robinson is about 70 now and still single, but my guess is that she is in an LTR with a very wealthy, married man, because her tastes seem a little extravagant for someone on a QVC salary. Last year I had mono and I fell under the tranquilizing spell of QVC.

I think he married one of the ladies and that lasted about a month. Or how about for a special birthday or maybe even a graduation present? How about hanging it from a tree for an Arbor Day celebration? "I LOVE LOVE LOVE Oscar the sales guy who comes on when they are selling computers. Lots of frau chatter of whether she had a brow lift or its because her thick brows are better manicured and lightened now).

Its also tons of makeup and her hair is no longer the dark brown it was. Back in the 1990s when QVC was in its early stages of popularity, the hosts were being paid about ,000 per year (Lisa became a host in 1995).

David Venable has gotten fat as a horse and seems as profoundly gay as ever, plus they've hired some new really gay-looking young guy who looks like a poor man's Zac Efron.

Have you noticed the extensive plastic surgery Lisa had last summer? It seems to have slackened a bit, but she will be lost to it, another Joan Rivers.

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Delicious dish reheated in the form of an [italic]Enquirer[/italic] article posted at the wonderful Home Shopping Queen blog. Hyde came out after we married."[quote]Hewson said he threatened to slap QVC bigwigs with a lawsuit if they didn't stop Judy's harassment. QVC made matters worse when they offered him a ridiculous new 5-year contract.No, Lisa Robertson is still a host at QVC and currently hosts PM Style on Monday Nights and has been the primary host of Friday Night Beauty since the Spring of 2011.In 2012, Lisa had her own show The Lisa Robertson Show.Maybe he was another one of those late-in-life gays.

Okay, this thread, and the swooning over David Venable and "Oscar", once and for all proves that most of the supposed "Fraus" invading DL are just frau-ish gay men. I always dvr the Gourmet Holiday slot on the Sunday before Christmas. It's the only time I watch this network== Sunday Before Christmas Last Minute Gourmet Eats. I like the concept of not putting harsh detergents in your hair, and the ingredients sound [italic]so[/italic] luxurious (twinkle!

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