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16-Nov-2019 21:16

By mid-1980 when the Blitz standouts were clocking column inches as hot media celebs and record contracts began to look possible, at the earliest opportunity the straight factions broke away to establish distinctly less gay clubnights at Hell, Le Kilt and ultimately the legendary and exceedingly hetero Beat Route.Early pashes: George at the Blitz in March 1980 with Wilf, whose name has been changed for the 2010 TV play (photograph © by right, with Kirk aboard a coach for a daytrip to Brighton in spring 1981 (photograph © by Richard Law) Inevitably there was always overlap.Never doubt, however, that hell hath no fury like a jealous queen. By his own account in TILAM, life was a shagathon, he was always “eager” for one-night stands and landed “a long line of boys who couldn’t make their minds up until they’d had a few beers”.The BBC drama dwells on three nice straight lads who fell for him – “Vernon”, Kirk and then Jon Other onscreen characters have had their names changed possibly for fears of legal action, though probably out of sheer expedience and economy of casting.O’Dowd is down in the credits as a programme consultant, so there’s the prettiness explained.As Mathew Horne told GMTV: “George helped out by providing clothes and [] rectifying any inaccuracies.” We enjoy plenty of comedic moments, yet the crucial line is delivered wearily by Jon Moss: “You’re a needy bastard, aren’t you!The latest photos Boy George’s weight loss reveal a slim and trim new man!Check out the singer’s evolution, from late 2011 to early 2013 — and find out the details on the diet plan he now swears by. Recent photos of the singer have surprised fans, who can’t help but wonder what’s causing the 51-year-old’s dramatic weight loss. 17 in London, Boy George’s weight loss is readily evident when compared to a picture from just over a year ago. ” Curious to know what exactly is left to eat if you cut all of that out of your diet? ” Followers quick with the calculator pointed out that’s approximately £8.33 per day — .44 per day for those of us stateside, or just over 00 for the full program fee.

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For anybody who lived through the real thing, this recreation of the 80s and the sheer electricity of the Blitz itself look hyper-realistic onscreen in HD, yet much of it feels somehow only half-realised, and seriously short on pizazz.

What certainly caused confusion among both the gay boys and the envious girls was the nonchalant gender-bending by some straight boys, either just for the sake of adopting a trendy stance before the cameras in this burgeoning Pose Age, or to bait the girls (campness can present a very effective challenge to the fair sex), or simply because being what today’s dating websites dub “bi-curious” was, you know, “a phase they were going through”.

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