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Shawkat wrote, produced, and starred in the film, which seems to be her most brazen venture into the queer space yet.She stars as Naima opposite Sergio (Laia Costa); the two women meet in a bar and decide to spring ahead in their relationship by spending a full 24 hours together.Her handful of sexually fluid roles on screen include Dalia in 2013's May in the Summer, Jean in 2014's Wild Canary, Laura in 2015's Me Him Her, and Lola in 2016's The Intervention.She even played Ilana Glazer's look-alike lesbian lover for a single (glorious! Off the page, Shawkat's visibility as a bisexual woman is even fresher.When it comes to actor Alia Shawkat's sexuality, the past few years have been a revelation.Perhaps not in private; when we spoke on the phone in early June, she told me she's been aware of her own queerness for a long time.I was really scared that the interviewer didn’t even hear me.” When the interview went viral, Bateman, Hale and Cross all apologized for what they had said and how they treated Walter and Shawkat.

“They were all very sincerely apologetic, as well as surprised.” Despite finding strength in the aftermath, the actress admitted she’s still working on finding her voice.Alia Shawkat wished she had said more when her male “Arrested Development” co-stars defended Jeffrey Tambor to the New York Times. “Once Jeffrey answered [with] his rote response, the other men in the room started to be a lot more verbal than they had before,” the actress, who plays Maeby Funke on the series, told Broadly.“They started going on about how they support Jeffrey, and they love him, and he’s a great actor—all these things that I agree with; I care about Jeffrey and I think he’s a great actor.I had always found myself attracted to women, but didn't know how to really make a move, for lack of a better word. Maybe, I don't know." And then [it] kind of just happened with somebody. Come on." It became an ongoing process where I realized, "Oh, yeah.

I remember there being the first time that I kissed a girl. I don't know, is there a set of different rules for anything? There was a time where I was like, "Maybe I'm gay." I really wasn't attracted to men for a while. I'm attracted to both men and women." And it's changed, definitely, the way I date. It's been interesting: when you're bisexual, when you date somebody, how they react to that.

POPSUGAR: Last year, you casually came out in an interview with Out Magazine. Alia Shawkat: It wasn't anything that I was preparing to announce, necessarily, in that interview. It came up in a conversation about stories that I want to make, and how my personal life has started to become one and the same with who I represent in my work now. They're like, "Hey, congratulations." [Laughs] I'm like, "Oh, thanks." Not to make it sound flippant, but it wasn't something that I was gearing up [for], like, "When will I share this? It's nice to be in a spot where it doesn't feel like a big deal. And you know, there's a lot to be said about the timing of my world and a society that allows it to be that way.