Who is alex jones dating

12-Oct-2019 08:46

But Jones, as a personality, more or less follows along a continuum.His obsession with the Branch Davidians has been replaced with conspiracy-minded rants on the Sandy Hook shootings.Throughout the protracted opening statement, as Newman jabbed his finger in Jones’s direction, the host looked livid. But this was court, and it wasn’t Jones’s turn to speak.As Newman described Jones’s ex-wife’s relationship to her children, Jones’s face turned an ever-deepening shade of crimson; his lips pursed into a tight frown and he shook his head.

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I’ve watched Jones’s rise since I landed in Austin in 2002.

The content of his shows hasn’t changed much in terms of tone—today, he might go on the air to rant about the secret “gay bomb” the Pentagon has to compel people (and frogs) toward same-sex attraction; in 1997 he was going on television to rant about black helicopters watching Austin residents, but the gist is the same: Here’s a bizarre premise, unblinkingly reported, in which some unspecified “they” don’t want you to know the truth.