When do clark and lana start dating

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Although she loved him, he viewed her only platonically. In the 2003-04 Birthright origin, they are shown to have been in a relationship.

This is retained in the 2009-10 Secret Origins story in which Clark once again became Superboy, but only for adventures with the Legion of Superheroes, never publically.

Post-Crisis In the revised continuity, Lana has been shown to now know Superman's secret identity as an adult, him having willingly revealed his powers to her in adolescence.

In the initial new origin in 1986, in which Clark's history as Superboy was removed, they are shown as lifelong friends.

After this, Lana knew Clark's secret and she became his trusting girlfriend but they would only remain high school sweethearts as Lana took an opportunity to intern as S.

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Lana's parents, Lewis and Laura Lang, were killed in the meteor shower that rained down upon the world on December 15th, 1978.

In high school, Lana became a cheerleader and started dating an older football player named Whitney Fordman.

The relationship did not last long after Lana discovered Whitney had bullied Clark and in her free-time, Lana did some soul searching (in between being the constant target of meteor freaks).

She is one of 4 of Superman's major love interests, along with Lois Lane, Lori Lemaris and Wonder Woman.

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Pre-Crisis (Earth-One) In the Earth-One continuity, Lana Lang was introduced in 1950 as a love interest to Superboy (Superboy #10), essentially taking the place that Lois Lane had in his adult life.

In the alternate reality, Lana and her family took Clark in after his parents died, and they began dating and became engaged, while also knowing about Clark's powers.