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01-Jun-2020 01:55

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When viewing a music or audio Mini Program, you’ll also be able to see what’s playing via our new music display in Floating Window.Floating Window makes multi-tasking within We Chat a breeze. I use the popular instant messaging service provided by Tencent every day because it satisfies almost all my needs: information, entertainment, and of course, social networking. Of my nearly 300 friends, one-third are strangers, whom I happened to link up with through other people because of shared interests, such as stock trading, marathon running or news analysis.That was why one day when I got a request from someone with a poetic name and a photo showing a young beautiful woman to add her as a friend, I just clicked "add" without giving a second thought.Additionally, you can change your auto-play options within “Me” - “Select from Groups” and select one or more groups who will have permission to view your Moments post.After selecting, only members of those groups will be able to view your post.In the latest version of Moments, we’ve made sharing even more “musical”.Now, you can search and add song snippets from We Chat’s comprehensive music collection to the videos you shoot and share to your Moments.

My letter to Premier Li Keqiang By jaseminsibo A leader's role is to provide a nurturing and 'governed' environment to always ensure her citizens are safe.

Decorating your Time Capsule with song lyrics adds extra feeling to your Time Capsule.