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20-Jul-2020 19:07

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Make your preference and click Once the installation is complete you can start the configuration.

Due to security and privacy reasons, almost all the configuration is set to off. It’s a good idea to make multiple recordings in the location you intend to place the laptop.

The software needs to you to explicitly select what you want to record. The primary reason for this is to check for lighting.

This makes good sense as you don’t want your computer to start recording footage that you don’t want. If the webcam doesn’t work, then you can go back and make adjustments until you get the camera working. I personally found when I set up the laptop on the desk, the room was very dark in the corner and when I played back the footage I was unable to distinguish faces.

– It varies from computer to computer but you might get a security prompt.

This is just to check that you are aware that the computer is about to install a new program. Regardless, click – As we will discuss later, it is possible to control the software remotely.

i Spy works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10 (both x86 and 64-bit versions).

I did the camera first but the configuration can be done in any order. My recommendation would be to always start with the default settings. Once you have the feel for the basics, then you can dive into all the additional configurations.Links with copyright violations or other illegal content will be removed immediately upon request.