We are updating a field in sql and alter builddating com

07-Jun-2020 18:44

The SQL UPDATE Query is used to modify the existing records in a table.

You can use the WHERE clause with the UPDATE query to update the selected rows, otherwise all the rows would be affected.

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When updating your table, the WHERE clause is crucial, although by default in My SQL it is set to be optional.

The condition here is to have an employee number that equals John Smith’s number, 999901.

This means SQL’s optimizer will, so to speak, access the record with employee number 999901, and substitute the existing values with the new ones indicated in the UPDATE statement.

We can see that employee number 999901 is John Smith.

we are updating a field in sql and alter-59

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we are updating a field in sql and alter-18

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In a nutshell, these are the SQL rules regarding transaction control.statement can be accomplished in one of two ways, primarily depending upon which version of SQL Server you are using.

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