Warning signs dating

01-Sep-2020 20:15

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He keeps her around because he sort of likes her and he enjoys her company and he doesn’t have anyone else in the rotation, but he’s not really in it. Ladies, these situations rarely ever work out in the other woman’s favor.(They don’t exactly work out in the main woman’s favor either, this is just an all-around awful situation.) If he’s with someone else, then you have to run, don’t walk, away from this guy.And if any relationship strife or negative emotions he experiences are pinned as being you’re fault, he is not someone you want to be involved with.

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I was crazy about him but the relationship was totally toxic and dysfunctional (for a lot of the reasons on this list! A small voice inside always said he would leave me for someone else and it hung over the relationship like a cloud.Only a highly insecure girl will be flattered by this. The longer you stay, the more time you waste and the harder it will be to extricate yourself from the situation. Just accept what is and move on with your head held high.