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wallpaper not updating in domain-40

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The lock screen is customizable, but the login screen -- where you type your password -- is not.

You're stuck with a dark blue background and a shiny, light-throwing Windows logo. Well, actually, you won't be when Windows 10's summer-slated Redstone update drops.

Sometimes, when you initially upgrade to Windows 10 or install any feature update of Windows 10, your desktop background settings may get messed up, and all the new modifications you make in order to fix them stay only until a reboot or a shutdown. This will launch a new window with a lot of power consumption options.

This issue is caused by corrupt migration of the system files, damage caused to the registry files, issues with the syncing capabilities of Windows 10, etc. For your selected power plan, click on Change Plan Settings. Expand the option that says Desktop Background Settings. Then, on the right side panel, click on the drop-down button labeled as Background and click on Picture.

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Different sizes—and more of Windows 10’s other default wallpapers—are also available for download.

(Microsoft makes other Windows 10 wallpapers available here, but not the original Windows 10 wallpaper.) Just right-click the image file on Imgur and save it to your computer using your browser—in Chrome, select “Save Image As.” If you have a computer running an older version of Windows 10, you can also save a copy of the desktop wallpaper.

Step 3: If you want to change the background of your sign-in screen then you can do that. Yeah that gives you all the spectacular background images from various beautiful places in the world.

You can also select Picture or Slideshow if you want your own family photos, or pictures that you simply want to cherish each day by using it as your background on your Windows 10.

If you instead want to go with a flat color rather than a background image then here’s how: Step 1: Go ahead and disable the Show lock screen background picture on the sign in screen.