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19-Jan-2020 13:14

LMD: I love the relationship Cocoa has with her two girlfriends.

Oftentimes, movie characters who are on the outs of society, or impoverished, are depicted as loners with no friends.

Demolition Girl places a coming-of-age story against the backdrop of the sketchy world of fetish videos.

At Japan Cuts 2019, LMD had an exclusive chat with director Matsugami Genta and actress Kitai Aya, who has a standout performance as the troubled teen who will either crush or be crushed.

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Perhaps this is just not limited to Japanese families; you can’t just go ahead and hate people.

I could’ve gone further with it, but I wanted to include a humanness, including humour, and to have them sort of have these endearing moments in order to not depict them as just plain evil, but as people with some humanness within them.

That was something that I kept in mind, throughout.

So, I had that in the forefront of my mind when I was writing this.

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But I do believe that in Japanese schools, if this were to really happen, that this is actually the way they would treat a student.I think it’s true, perhaps all over the world, but I feel it very much in Japan.