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Imagine a museum of piano history, with the world’s largest specialist archive of related information, a unique pictorial time-line of piano history, thousands of images, thousands of index cards, thousands of printed pages, a collection of Victorian books containing piano ads, irreplaceable reference material, as well as actual pianos from the eighteenth century right through to modern.

Although the books were purchased for their piano content, they also provide a wide range of general history.

Everyone agreed it was junk, nobody understood, but one day, he bought a building, and all of that “junk” suddenly came together to form a wonderfully-integrated display.

What we have here is perhaps the piano equivalent, there is no cash value in the individual items, the historical value is in what they make together.

We have what we believe to be the world’s largest collection of piano history, and although it may sound like a minority subject, a minority of the whole world is a lot of people, so we are a world centre for piano history.

Every day, thousands of people around the world access our website to search for information about their pianos.

It’s a private collection, not “open” to the public, but at least it is pigeon-proof now!

Visiting pianos at many museums, it is interesting that there is usually little or no historical information attached to them, whereas we have more than we can possibly display.Several companies have attempted to sum up the evolution of the piano in a single poster, but my version of this idea aims to have over eighty four-foot squares of pictures and information.