Virgo man dating libra woman

27-Dec-2019 03:01

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You are open to exploring varied experiences and you are curious about thoughts on any subject and you are much less judgmental than a Virgo man can be.

Your ruling planet is Venus, the flirtatious goddess of love and beauty but you are not easily fooled by love.

So, if you have a Virgo man at your side, he is likely to let you take the lead and support you tirelessly in everything you do.

The biggest challenge you face is getting this relationship started.

Neither of you likes tantrums or conflict which is great, but the danger is that – for the sake of peace – you will avoid issues that need to be aired.

The same goes for anger, which both of you tend to repress until it affects you negatively, and passion too, which you tend to avoid expressing as you feel silly and exposed.

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Although Virgos are known for being overly critical, they are good at molding around the spirit and needs of their partner.When peace-loving Virgo man and Libra woman get involved, the two can make each other uncomfortable but in ways that usually lead to growth for both.In a working combination of their different strengths, these two signs can agree to disagree leading to a union that is extremely transformational.He, in turn, can show you how to apply your ideas to the material world, and between you there is potential for a productive relationship that can last to the grave.

But you will have to step outside your comfort zone to get it started and tell the Virgo man, in plain and simple terms, exactly how you feel.In fact, you love the idea of love but getting your hands dirty with uncontrolled passion makes you queasy.

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