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06-Feb-2020 11:09

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If sheets that have a large number of formulas, this behavior can impact VBA performance as less resources will be available during formula updates. The first run will write values from 1 to 1500, which you will be able to see as Speed-Up will not be on.An Event is an action initiated either by user action or by other VBA code. Print Performance "Without performance settings." seconds = m_Timer. This will take some time to complete (~20 seconds for myself).I explain the class below, followed by a small demonstration (included in the available download).Calculation mode, screen updating and other settings in Excel can cause macro routines to be slow.Worksheet Dim seconds As Double Dim msg As String ' Create output worksheet if it does not exist. ''' Private Sub Display Page Breaks(display As Boolean, Optional wb As Excel. Work Sheet If wb Is Nothing Then Set wb = This Workbook End If End Sub''' ''' Turns on/off [workbook] pivot table updates.If Not Sheet Exists(C_NAME_SHEET) Then Set ws = This Workbook. ''' Private Sub Suspend Pivot Tables(suspend As Boolean, Optional wb As Excel. Worksheet If wb Is Nothing Then Set wb = This Workbook End If For Each ws in wb.

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Screen Updating = The Screen Updating property controls most display changes on the monitor while a procedure is running.I simply wrapped these settings into a class I call Speed-Up, which can be call multiple times without running into errors as it includes a counter to determine when to turn features on/off.

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