Vb6 datagrid row cannot be located for updating

10-Jul-2020 15:07

I save them, and in a large order (25 or more) there will be at least one which causes an error "Row cannot be located for updating.

Some values may have been changed since it was last read." The values looked up have not changed, the only change might be price or quantity.

Finally you need to display the data in the Data Grid control.

I am in the process of converting a My SQL database application that uses this approach from VB6 to VB. I used VBMy SQLDirect in VB6 and have switched to just using My Sql Data Reader and action queries on the VB. This same app also needs to access SQL Server databases for some of its data.

For that I can use Sql Data Reader and action queries.

Before you proceed , you need to create a database file using Microsoft Access.

Lastly, insert the Data Grid control and the ADO data control into the form.If you are not an intended recipient, please immediately contact the sender and delete all copies.