Vashtie kola dating

01-Jun-2020 19:31

DJs Amira and Kayla are 12-year-old twins who are not only adorable, but are scratching their way into our hearts with their incredible skills.At the ripe age of 3, the girls started messing around with their dad/manager's DJ equipment and have been committed to the craft ever since.A true renaissance woman, Kola has also directed videos for Kendrick Lamar, Joey Bada$ and has led campaigns with Swarovski, Puma, G-Shock, and more.If anyone deserves a place on the lineup, it's Vashtie.With just shy of one million subscribers on Youtube, DJ Juicy M has crowd control at the tips of her fingers.

Check out Sky's You Tube channels gives you a peek into her busy and exciting career.

Chanel lace-ups (him), Mulberry bags and minidresses (her). The last A list match that got team Cosmo excited was Leo Di Caprio and Blake Lively, or Bleo as we like to call them.

But since then we've had no hot new couple to coo over.

Diamond Kuts was the first DJ to break Lil Uzi Vert on the radio, she toured with Nicki Minaj (as well as producing her record "Stupid Hoe") and is currently up for a Global Spin Award. A DJ Kitty Cash, believes DJing is a genderless art form.

If it's not in one of the biggest clubs in the country, or on Power 99 in PA, DJ Diamond Kuts can be found delivering one of the hottest remixes to your favorite tracks. As a woman of Trinidadian descent, Kitty Cash is well-versed in sets that include Reggae, Soca, and Hip Hop.The definition of multi-hypenate, digital influencer, young creative genius, and DJ Brittany Sky has taken over New York.