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02-Mar-2020 00:41

For instance, to check a person's age you'll probably want to include a limited range of years, and to check something like a credit card expiration date, you'll want to make sure the date is in the future.

That being said, the basic PHP date validation technique is to use the checkdate function, like this: I hope this basic PHP date validation technique is helpful.

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I'm not going to show that here, but you can find a link to get started under References below.

In this Tutorial you'll learn about Validating Date fields using PHP code in 'dd/mm/yyyy' Format.

It is in general a good practice to validate the date value when it is obtained using forms through user input.

Each of these values is then tested against an allowed range (days: 1 - 31; months: 1 - 12; years: 1902 - 2019; and so on).

This script only confirms that the input format is correct and that each individual value falls within its allowed range.

As mentioned, you'll probably want to add additional date validation checks to your algorithm, but this is the basic check to validate a date in PHP.