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01-Apr-2020 15:18

Her and her friends were climbing a mountain when they got to a point where it was too late to climb down.

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And second, “it’s all fun and games until you suck at everything” because it’s true!Glee Club was a big part of her life during the Academy and has truly enjoyed every second of it, but she believed it would be a challenge to be a part of Glee Club and be the President of the Mountaineering Club.Hannah is very excited to be the President of the Mountaineering Club this year because of the wonderful staff she has and the amazing MO’s they hope to have in the future.This week's Super second class is Emma Dryden written by 3/C Sean Linden. While looking into colleges, she found the Naval Academy and hasn’t looked back since.

2/C Dryden is the secretary for the Mountaineering club as well as an active member of the rock climbing team.

The club has also been sponsored by Patagonia, so they will be receiving some awesome gear this year.