Validating addresses with google

14-Dec-2019 16:56

Validating an existing order is easy, just go to the Orders tab and search for the order that is not routing.In the order detail page, scroll down to the recipient information.What you see here is a compilation of some useful regular expressions that can be used to validate common form fields like URLs, phone numbers, zip codes, dates, etc.1.Postal Address – allow only alphanumeric characters, spaces and few other characters like comma, period and hash symbol in the form input field.5.From here, you should have no issue routing your order!The method described here uses Google Maps’ Geocoding API.Choose the correct address from the suggestions and it will populate the fields for you.Leave either the city or the zip/postal code blank and Validate will fill it in for you.

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The other regex matches You Tube URL including those using the domains.6.

There will be a Validate button underneath the address: click on this.