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Years later, my father told me that he would have liked to have found a way to forgive his father. He said his tank company had been nearly wiped out in a fierce battle — though it wasn’t a battle that anyone had ever heard anything about.

They had set out in the morning with 30 tanks; by sunset only eight had survived. It wasn’t until years after his death that I started doing research and piecing the story together.

It was the last day of our four-day trip to Okinawa, and my wife and I were thankful that the humidity had finally broken.

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When we reached the apex of the crosswalk, Letscher pulled out a ragged copy of an official military history and flipped through it until he found a map marked with a red sticky note.He is crouching by the back left tire of a two-door Ford hardtop pulled to the side of a tree-lined dirt road.