Updating wiring

22-Jun-2020 14:36

When a fault or surge occurs with grounding, the energy travels through the ground wire to the electrical panel.

There, it will trip the circuit breaker or blow a fuse, thereby shutting down the circuit before damage (hopefully) occurs.

Surge protectors work only if they are can connect to a ground wire.

Without this wire, they offer no better protection for electronic devices than do multiprong outlets.

Too much energy (electricity) will also blow fuses.

You will have to constantly replace if your fuse box’s amperage rating doesn’t meet your needs.

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Both of these issues have to do with the fact that the wiring in two prong outlets isn’t grounded. This ground wire protects electronics and people from electrical surges and faults by providing a pathway for extra energy to escape the house’s circuitry.Another problem to be on guard for when two prong outlets are present is the lack of grounding in outlets that three prongs.If a house has both two and three prong outlets, it means that the three prong outlets were installed for convenience and that they’re not actually grounded.(A short circuit is when energy is directed out of the regular circuit pathway through a path with little or no resistance.) If that short circuit occurs because a person is being electrocuted, a GFCI can save their life.

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No such protection is available with a two prong outlet.To find out whether the metal housing is grounded, purchase a circuit tester.